Super Seven Crystal


Super Seven Crystal / Amethyst / Cacoxenite / Clear Quartz / Goethite / Lepidocrocite / Rutile / Smoky Quartz

L: 2.25 inches
W: 1 inch
H: < 0.25 inches

Additional Information

Super seven is a combination of seven minerals; Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. It is a relatively new mineral coming from Brazil.
-Goethite is a brown-black or yellow-brown mineral that occurs mainly as fibrous crystals. It is made up of oxyhydroxide iron. 
-Rutile is a mineral made up of mainly titanium dioxide. It is another material that is mainly seen as inclusions within quartz 
-Lepidocrocite is also known as esmeraldite or hydrohematite. It is a deep red or red-brown mineral which has the same chemical formula as goethite, but a different crystaline structure. 
-Amethyst is a quartz that gets its purple color from traces of iron and aluminum. Amethyst can be pale or deep purple and may be translucent to transparent.
-Cacoxenite is a yellow, orange or brownish hydrous iron phosphate mineral that grows in fibrous bundles, which makes it unsuitable as a solo mineral. Generally, it appears as an inclusion within quartz.
 -Smoky quartz is brown to black or smoky gray quartz. It can be translucent or transparent. The color comes from natural radiation that occurs over time within the earth.
-Clear quartz is white / clear and it’s the purest form of quartz, made up from silicon dioxide.