Crystal Mosaic Class: Root Chakra & Grounding

Crystal Mosaic Class: Root Chakra & Grounding



With Lauren Dillon-Merrill, Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing
Saturday 2/17/18 from 1:30-4:00pm
Cost: $50
3 Petals Healing Presents
Crystal Making Mosaic Class
The 7 Chakras 
Challenge your Artistic and Energetic Abilities

This class will teach you how to align with yourself, and the intention that you desire to pursue. The exercises that Lauren leads you through will be calming and clearing, allowing you to center and get in touch with your inner spirit. Once you are aligned with yourself and your intention you will then be given the artistic opportunity to create your own mosaic using crystals, in which your intuition will guide you in your choice of crystals and creative design. Allow the flow of your aligned spirit to shine through in a piece of art that holds significance to you.

We had so much fun with our first Mosaic class we decided to do a monthly series focusing on each of the 7 chakras. This one is focusing on grounding and the root chakra.

Upcoming Classes:
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April 21st - Solar Chakra
May 19th - Heart Chakra
June 16th - Throat Chakra
July 21st - Brow Chakra
August 25th - Crown Chakra

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